Start Your Journey to invest and redeem mutual funds online and get free portfolio tracker.

Is there any account opening / maintenance / transaction charges?
No, There is no account opening / maintenance / transaction charges for investing or redeeming mutual funds.

How much time will it take to open my account?
Once we receive your documents, the account will be opened in 3 days only, if you are already mutual funds KYC compliant. If you have never invested in mutual funds before, then the account activation will take 7 to 10 days after KYC Process.

What all documents are required for this accounts?
If you are KYC compliant
-> ACH Mandate form (to setup your SIP)
-> One cancelled cheque  
Additional documents for those who are not KYC compliant
-> PAN card copy
-> Address proof copy
-> One cancelled Cheque

If I stop investing in future, will I have access to portfolio tracker?
Yes, you will have access to portfolio tracker always

Which all AMC's schemes are available by this platform? Can I invest in all Mutual Fund houses?
Almost all the major and mid-level AMC's are supported by this platform, you will get almost all the choices.