Fixed Deposits in Companies that earn a fixed rate of return over a period of time are called Company Fixed Deposits. Financial institutions and Non-Banking Finance Companies (NBFCs) also accept such deposits.

Like most investment option, Company Fixed Deposits are a mixed bag. Company FDs can be an interesting investment option if you know how to select the right FD, and how to avoid the no-so-good ones. Here are some of the points that investors should keep in mind.
Spread your Risk: The deposits should be spread over a large number of companies engaged in different industries or with Higher Rating. This way, you'll be able to diversify your risk among various industries/companies. Try not to put more than 10% of your total investments in one particular company. Choose the Right Period of Deposit to match your need or Goals Periodic Review : The performance of the companies should be reviewed at maturity. This will help you decide whether to renew or reshuffle the deposit. It is also wise to keep a track of these companies by checking their share prices, annual reports and other details reported in newspapers.
Rating: Rating is an immediate tools for the General Investors to identify the risk /return reward of the company

Available Fixed Deposit Schemes

We will help you to invest in Fixed Deposit. Just follow simple steps.

1)    Check the interest rate and rating which suit you.
2)    Download application form on invest now option.
3)    Fill-up the application form and send to us for secure and ease passage of investment.

Documents Required to invest in Fixed Deposit

1) PAN Card Xerox Duly self attested
2) Address Proof Xerox duly self attested
3) One Color Passport Size photograph of each applicant

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